sabato 26 settembre 2020

Back to life - vol. 2

Yeppa friends!

Tonight we're going to play a show, the first one after a long stop due to this absurd and dangerous situation.

Is it going to be a new start?

Who knows? The only thing we know is that we're playing and we hope you could be there to support us as long as we are there to entaertain you and help to have some good times!

What else to say? oh... we almost forget,  check more info here 

Come have some fun!

Hey just one more thing to say: 

Our youtube tema channel

Our Spotify radio

Go check them. It's an order!

The Chromosomes

mercoledì 8 luglio 2020

Back to life?

Hi friends, it seems we're back to life.

Quarantine is over then we started practicing again.

We are still in shape ah!

Not many news, we still can't play, or better, we don't play any show just because we're not good in playing an acoustic set. Not a problem anyway, we are now writing some new songs and getting ready for that time we could get up on stage and play some punk rock again, with no compromises.

Here you are a funny video made by Punkadeka with many good bands back to play in their rehearsal rooms, basements or whatever, and we're in too.

Look out below!

lunedì 6 aprile 2020

News from the quarantine

Like in the scariest movie, we are facing a hard quarantine to fight an invisible enemy, the Covid19.
We dont' stop hopin for a better future anyway, so we keep on playin in our own, locked up in our rooms.

To give a little hand fightin this plague we joined two amazing big compilations and all proceeds go to associations envolved in research or medical efforts to help people and hospitals.

here they are:

Out Of Control

Toscana Punk Rock

click on both links and give your litlle hand too!!!

The Chromosomes

sabato 1 febbraio 2020

Paolino for ever!

Hi friends,
next friday (february 7th) we are going to play in Milan with many other good bands.
This show will be a tribute to remember our friend Paolo from Teaange Gluesniffers who left this place too early.
Fun, freinds, beers and music, that's what Paolnio wanted when he played with his band and we swear to give our best to remember him this way, to show him he's always with us.

If you want more info click here or read below!

Meet you there with aliens!

The Chromosomes

lunedì 9 dicembre 2019

December... and we've landed on spotify!

We've ever missed to put our stuff on music platforms, except for

We've had many requests so we thought it was the right time to do it.

You can stream many of our songs here on Spotify  but we're also on Itunes and more!

Yu uh!
The Chromosomes

venerdì 4 ottobre 2019

We are against...

We are against war so we've joined this super comp Punk rock against war vol 2
We are against fascism, any kind of racism and homophobia, so we've joined this super comp Rock against Salvini

What should we say?
Check these links and help the projects.

The Chromosomes , your punk band!

martedì 10 settembre 2019

Buon viaggio Paolo!

This is something we would never write, our long time friend Paolo (Teenage Gluesniffers singer and guitar player) left this planet.
We are so sad, Paolo was first of all a good friend, an amazing motherfucker who was great to spend some time with.

We played many shows together, we went in a mintour, drove, ate'n'drank, slept and had lot of fun together.

All of our shows were a good reason to pass some time together, we won't forget all the bullshits we used to say, and gettin' on stage, stayin' up late, lost somewhere in switzerland, germany...

We are sadly sure we will always miss him.

We are close to his family and to his beautiful sweet wife Sarah who held his hand until his last breath.

Buon viaggio Paolo, we want to remember you as in this pic, with The Chromosomes shirt on and your funny smile, although we were so tired from a long trip back home.

You're with the aliens now!

venerdì 9 agosto 2019

Summer vibes!

Hola friends!
We have a couple of show to play in this hot august.
On august 16th we are goin' to play at Ipanema Beach Party II along with many good bands and we can't wait to go!
Then we will be back (august 31st) in our beloved city to play a funny beach/mountain show with Crystal Newton.

Maybe we are about to practice for new songs and new record, who knows?

Kisses and hugs from your punkrock band!

The Chromosomes