venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Recording sessions - the summary

Aloha buddies, we're proud to announce we've started our recording sessions, the next cd (the 4th) will be ready soon and you only have to follow this blog or our facebook page for the right infos!

We apologize most of this blog is written in italian but you don't have to worry because you, friendsfromthisbigfuckinworld, won't be forgotten, we swear!

Won't you trust these three ugly faces?

Well, we've already recorded 5 of 12 songs, that ain't that much but we dont want to be too quick, just takin the time we need.

It was supposed to be ready in march 2013 but many things happened and made us late, we're not sure yet it would be ready before summer, but it's important to say that Inconsapevole records don't urge us to be hurry.

Ok, that's all for now, but only for now!

The Chromosomes

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