mercoledì 15 maggio 2013

Live + Studio report!

Hi buddies

we've played with The Queers some days ago, it was a great night.

17 years are passed from the last time we've played with them, what could we say?

Joe still kicks ass and it was good to know he remembers almost every single moment of that old night in Firenze. He even asked Max where he put his long dreadlocks after he cut it off!

Big Joe!!!

We've played a short set, we are still workin on our 4th cd and we must keep on concentratin on it because we want to give you the best, but we wanted to be there at The Cage Club too so when they asked us to play we couldn't say no.

(thanks to Fa Bri for this nice live pic)

But it's time to update all of you about our studio sessions now.

It seems so strange to say but we're goin to end it before summer.

You know we are some old fuckin lazy bones, things are goin faster than we thought anyway and we are proud to say it will be out on september.

It will be very important for us, a new cd in this 2013 when we reach 20 years of a long and roaring career, so you only have to follow us with not more than an easy attention.

We don't ask you to go to bed with that anxiety about us ahahahahah, you only have to know we are here workin for you and we are almost done!

The Chromosomes

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